Mope io

About Mope io

Mope io is an online survival action game with a top-down view where the players take control of various animals fighting for their place under the sun. Find food that is suitable for your species, level up to become something completely different and become a more powerful creature with special abilities.

Just like in nature, there are no rules in the Mope io sandbox: it’s every animal for itself. Basic starting classes can only consume small berries and fruit falling from trees, but if you manage to survive long enough to level up and take on another form, you will be given special abilities and the food you can consume will also change.

Despite its basic control scheme (direct the character by moving the mouse cursor, speed up by clicking LMB and use a skill with W), the game stands out among many other similar-looking titles due to the variety of the species available and the ways they can interact with one another. A tiger can hunt down a smaller animal, an armadillo can hide in its shell and roll over everything – there are tons of fun situations to explore.

There’s a whole community of players enjoying the free Mope io beta – join them and see the game grow and improve every single day!

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